Precision CNC Machining & Waterjet Cutting
Prototype to Low Volume Production

S & S Machine is a first-generation, family owned precision machine shop specializing in prototypes, short runs and quick turnaround projects. Services include cnc milling, cnc turning,  5-axis waterjet cutting, wire EDM, drilling, boring & welding. Our machine shop is the total package; when you send a job to us we will perform ALL work in order to complete your project. This may include engineering, welding, sheet metal, grinding, heat treat, coating, or other secondary work through our machine shop, or approved and trusted vendors

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10+ CNC milling and turning machines machining prototype to low volume production parts. We work off CAD files & drawings.



Utilizing the latest technology to waterjet cut your parts and deliver them on time to your specifications. We work off CAD files & drawings.


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